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Re: Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Further, let's say that she's a poor college student and doesn't have
> money for garb and no one in her camp does either.  Are we going to be
> anal about this sort of thing?  I hope to heck not....

Well, not to be rude about it, but, jeez, if she can't afford enough
cheap $1.06/yard material to make a simple t-tunic, or if no-one in her
group does, and nobody she knows can let her borrow some, well, then
yes, I don't think she belongs at Pennsic (or any other event) because
something's obviously gotten sidetracked along the way ;-).  The
minimum requirements (which is what is being discussed here, after all)
really aren't that tricky to come by, honest.

> And, of course, is someone going to say modern shoes can't be worn?  I
> have an 8 1/2EEE shoe size.  I've been trying to work out affordable
> shoes for years that fit my feet and don't cause me foot problems.
> I can't afford $600 boots.  Ain't happenin'.  The best I can do is
> leather loafer-like things off which I've cut modern buckles and

As far as I'm concerned, that more than qualifies as a "reasonable
attempt at pre-17th Century clothing".  Remember folks, this isn't
talking about being super-authentic -- just being minimally passable.
I think most people would give a grudging acceptance to tennis shoes
being worn if necessary, and if due to monetary or especially health
reasons, then that makes it even more so.  I don't think tennis shoes,
IMHO, count as "jarring" or "glaring," so long as that's the only real
anachronism.  To me, seeing people smoke cigarettes and wearing
sunglasses (not prescription, mind you) even if they are otherwise
wearing an authentic 15th century outfit is more jarring and intrusive
than a a person wearing a simple t-tunic and sneaks... :-)

> Further, I would find such authenticity police really jarring and it
> would break up my sense of things seeming period.  Could I haul them
> into the seneschals' court for that?  ; )

Again, like above, I don't think anyone is trying to enforce that kind
of authenticity -- just the (obscenely-easy) minimum requirements.
Besides, if someone doesn't even have one set of garb, however
rudimentary it is, I really don't think Pennsic is neccesarily a good
place for them to be, because it implies that the person is
extraordinarily new to the Society, and I'm one of those people who
doesn't think Pennsic is a good starting point for first-timers to the
SCA. :-)


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