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Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>


> Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@home.com>
> Just a note for those that are wanting to send HTML mail and still be
> backwards compliant, MOST mail programs that do send HTML mail have an
> option to send either: 'plain', 'HTML (sometimes called styled)', or 'plain
> & HTML'
> By choosing the last option, It is sent in both formats such that people
> with HTML compatible email clients will see the HTML version, and those
> using pine or other text based email clients can read the text version ...
> Just trying to be helpful ...
Unless you are sure that your recipient is able to handle HTML mail,
please do not send it that way. If you send it 'plain & HTML', everyone
gets two copies of the information, once plain, and once with the

HTLM-capable mail readers should be perfectly capable of displaying
plain text just fine. *That* is the backward-compatible option. Please
use it.

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