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Pennsic Letter

Poster: jsrechts@imap.unc.edu

Do a diplomacy check and return to me, thanks.

When I read the letter, I said, "It's about time."  This is not about 
authenticity police, it's not about wearing polyester garb vs. cotton or
linen.  It's not about glasses or sneakers.   It's about people who are
coming to Pennsic and not 
abiding by basic SCA rules.  If individuals want to wear fantasy garb,
let them go to a fantasy event or a con.  If people want to wear bondage
clothing,  let them go to a leather bar.  The behavior and clothes the
letter cites has nothing to do with making an attempt at  
pre-17th century clothing.

Wearing sneakers and glasses with a dress or T-tunic is _far_ different
than wearing a studded leather bra or a cabaret outfit.
One poster mentioned that because of the heat, it should be OK to wear a
bikini.  This logic is flawed, you don't see people in the Middle East 
wearing bikinis. If it's hot, the smart thing to do is to wear loose,
light clothing, a head covering and drink plenty of water.  They do this
in countries where 90 degrees is cool. Yes, slavery and bondage existed
in the Middle Ages but not in the form that you see at Pennsic.  
And what is often seen is just not appropriate, period.  I was chatting
with someone who commented that this year there was an increase in the
number of S&M outfits and she saw one  adult outfiftted with her
pre-teen child  in an SM outfit including  chains.  That is totally out
of line and should be dealt with accordingly.
As far as trouble groups go.  It doesn't necessarily mean the Tuchux.
It means those who don't play by the established rules of our game.
I would include the group who camped next to NATO who operated the power
tools in the middle of the night and who set up a table with umbrella 
and then sat watching the passers by while wearing hawaiian clothes.  If
they want to relax on a beach setting, let them go 
to a real beach.  If they want to listen to the Conan soundtrack, let
them listen to it out of sight and out of earshot.
I agree with Daffyd,  the behavior discussed sort doesn't warrant a
Court of Chivalry but it does need to be addressed in a more forceful
manner than 
it has been in recent years.  

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