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RE: Pennsic Letter

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

One poster mentioned that because of the heat, it should be OK to wear a
bikini.  This logic is flawed, you don't see people in the Middle East 
wearing bikinis. If it's hot, the smart thing to do is to wear loose,
light clothing, a head covering and drink plenty of water.  They do this
in countries where 90 degrees is cool. 

Actually that's not what I said.  I don't allow bikinis just because
it's hot.  The question is with such a huge event at Pennsic is it that
big a deal?  It didn't affect my dream or the mood of the event.

I agree with Daffyd,  the behavior discussed sort doesn't warrant a
Court of Chivalry but it does need to be addressed in a more forceful
manner than 
it has been in recent years.  


I'm more of a live and let live kind of person at Pennsic.  If this were
Kingdom's Crusade where there isn't an entire week's worth of garb needed
I'd be more forceful.  If spending two weeks enforcing garb rules is your
version of fun go for it.  However I doubt it's going to change much.  
Most people I've talked to aren't wearing bikinis and such because they
don't know better but because no one's been willing to tell them "do so
or else".  If you want to be the one to tell them "do so or else" have at
it.  I'd rather leave it alone and let it be the minor annoyance it has been
(At least that's what it's been to me.)

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