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Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> >Can I make a request that folks using HTML-based email make sure that
> >HTML encoding is turned off before clicking that send button?

> Just a note for those that are wanting to send HTML mail and still be
> backwards compliant, MOST mail programs that do send HTML mail have an
> option to send either: 'plain', 'HTML (sometimes called styled)', or
> 'plain & HTML' By choosing the last option, It is sent in both formats
> such that people with HTML compatible email clients will see the HTML
> version, and those using pine or other text based email clients can read
> the text version ...

Too often when this happens, it shows up as one of two things: (1) both
versions as attachments, which may be difficult to read; (2) both versions
included in the body of the message, also quite difficult to read.

I ask your indulgence for the following use of fake-HTML...

Folks, mailing lists (unless the listkeeper says otherwise) should ALWAYS
be used to transmit information using the "least common denominator"
format. That means the following...

- Plain ASCII text (no markup languages)
- All text in the body of the message; NO attachments
- Maximum 80 characters per line

For personal e-mail, do whatever you want; but on a public list like this
one, please stick to the standard format.

(mundanely, an old net-poop who remembers posting to groups such as
net.sf-lovers, when full bang paths were more common than dirt)

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