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RE: Pennsic Seneschale's Court and Requirements This Year

Poster: Phillip Jones <jonesj@InfoAve.Net>

Sorry, Your Grace, but I believe that the answer may not be so obvious as
you believe.

Let us refer in detail to THE LETTER itself.
"This means courtesy. Courtesy and the other chivalric ideals is what sets
us apart and helps define the SCA. We are blessed that most of the gentles
at Pennsic are honorable, courteous, play by the rules and go out of the way
to help. Without this, Pennsic could not exist.
The most common definition of courtesy is the golden rule. Do unto others as
you would have done to you.
But there are always a few who fail to understand that courtesy demands that
we treat others in the best possible manner at all times. And for those who
do fail to understand this, or momentarily forget, there is Seneschal

Now then, none would disagree with or disparage Your own courtesy without
answering to a score of scores, still, one who had been privy to some of our
conversations might dispute your intentions from time to time. Note that we
are called upon by THE LETTER in Section VI, Paragraph IV, Sentence VII to
treat each other in "the best possible manner at all times". Now then is it
possible to treat one courteously, but not in the best possible manner?
Surely sincere courtesy is of much more value than insincere, which indeed
mocks courtesy. And surely agapic, or even selfless courtesy rises to a
higher level than does courtesy which has as a motive some sort of gain? And
so, even your peerless courtesy must be called into the Seneschales Court if
it is insincere.

And shall we let this stop at matters of courtesy? For unless I am mistaken
in my readings of others here in the tavern, proper attire is a method of
demonstrating courtesy to others. Sine we have noted that courtesy must
transcend the act and be rooted in a proper, even pious , attitude, then we
can also say that it is not sufficient that one be properly dressed. No,
friend, we must insist that all be so dressed for the proper reasons.

I believe that we may learn much about sincerity and how to judge it by
simply paying more attention to the writings of certain priests. Torquemada
comes immediately to mind. Unfortunately, he and his companions in the Holy
Office have been cast out of Pennsic because someone interpreted their tools
as implements of S&M or bondage rather than as Tools of exploration.

Phillip Jones

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