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Re: Period Card Decks Info needed

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Josh wrote:

> I am looking for anyone who has experience with making decks in
> particular, who have or know how to make period "card decks", and/or
> taro decks, for I am seriously looking to make least one of each for
> personal use, and more if its not too tedious more if the demand is
> there. Thanks ahead of time! 

I've written some articles on this stuff, and produced two different card
decks based upon period models.  What do you want to know?

As for tarot decks, they are period, and there are a fairly large number
of commercial reproductions of period and period-like tarot decks
available.  However, one note -- tarot decks were used for playing card
games in period, not for any occult or cartomantic use.  There is no
evidence for cartomancy (telling the future with cards) before the 1780s,
and the modern "Tarot" phenomenon has its roots in the late 19th century


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