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Re: Something Newer...

Poster: Karen@stierbach.atlantia.sca.org (Larsdatter, Karen )

Tristan wrote:

> DOn't let the subject throw you at all.
> It's actually old, but it's a new topic.
> What did peasents wear?
> Colors and styles and all...I want to know...thinking of doing that soon...a peasent...

I'm working on a webpage which is at least temporarily at


that might be helpful ... links to pictures and stuff that's basically 
not of the upper classes.  :)

(My husband Lord Gruffudd & me will be dolled up in roughly 
middle class Scandinavian 14th/15th century outfits for Twelfth 
Night this year ... after all the theme is a "street fair" and it seemed 
appropriate) :)

Karen Larsdatter
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