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Poster: "Susan Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>

Watching the parade of dead horsies go by, regarding the Pennsic Manner
Police Flap, I am reminded of why I don't go to many SCA events anymore. I
am allergic to cigarette smoke, and have adult-onset asthma (reactive airway
disease) as a result of working in a sick building. This means that if
someone smokes around me, my airway closes and I can't breathe.
Unfortunately, a surprising number of folks in Atlantia see nothing wrong
with smoking at events. I've asked people (as politely as possible, choking
and gasping, inhaler in hand) to stop on numerous occasions. Many have been
wonderful and apologetic; however, an equal number have been defensive,
offended, or rude. I have spoken with autocrats about the problem at various
events; some are helpful, others indifferent. I have also spoken with past
Kingdom senschals, who say there's nothing that can be done to convince
people to let me enjoy my hobby sans smoke. Often, I spend much of an event
fleeing the fumes. Sadly,it's usually easier on my lungs to stay home. I
don't mean to whine, just to present the matter for consideration. Does
anyone else have this problem? How can it be handled by
-Baroness Caitlin ni h'Arrachtain
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