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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org> said:
> > > Let's clarify that:  "The point of Pennsic is to have a really good
> >time
> > > with a really big group of people in the Society for Creative
> > > Anachronism."
> > >
> > > Would you agree that is still correct?
> >
> >    Actually, no.  While hosted by/under the auspices of the SCA,
> >Pennsic
> > has a *loooonnnggg* tradition of being open to other, loosely related
> > groups (Tuchux, Marklanders, and others), and indeed dates back to a
> >time
> Okay, how about "The point of Pennsic is to have a really good time
> with a really big group of people while operating under the rules of
> the Society for Creative Anachronism?"

   Closer, but...  Telling someone (say a bunny-furred Tuchux, for 
purposes of visualization) who's (hypothetically) been to the last 
twenty-seven Pennsics that their "clothing" is no longer acceptable
goes against my *own* sense of courtesy and hospitality.  Maybe 
"...operating under a relaxed version of the rules..."?  (No, I'm 
not really happy with that, either...)  

   Hmmm, how about "...under the *customs* of the SCA"?  Gets the
message across without beating you up with it, and it's usually been
the "custom" to allow a liberal interpretation of the rules, especially
where new or non-SCAdians are concerned...
> > > If I want to drive my car at stupid-fast speeds, I should sign up
> >on the
> > > drag list at Old Dominion Speedway.
> >
> >    Personally, I think your analogy would be a bit closer to the mark
> > if you were being arrested/banned from the road because somebody
> >didn't
> > like your paint job...
> I beg to disagree.  To apply that analogy both ways, it makes it sound
> like you feel that if people are wearing the wrong shade of red they
> will be ejected from Pennsic (which I don't see as the case at all).  I
> think the analogy more appropriate here is that if you want to drive a
> car on the road, it must meet the legal minimum standards for being out
> on the road.  If you want to attend any SCA event, you have to meet the
> legal SCA minimum standards to be at the event.
   Well as I see it, the stupid-fast driver is putting other folks at
risk (leaving aside the question of whether Granny should be allowed on
the road if she hasn't the reflexes to get out of the way).  I don't
think *anybody* is arguing that threats to safety shouldn't be dealt

   And while I'm not over-fond of elf ears, fangs, or bikinis at SCA
events, threatening *expulsion* for them seems a lot closer to "paint
job" than "reckless driving" arrest...

> >    *HEY!!!*  Chocolate's not period!!!!
> <chuckle>  Actually, I believe it is (although not in the milk
> chocolate form we find so rewarding today)...

   Actually you're right, but it just *had* to be said!  :)
> Julien
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