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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> > Okay, how about "The point of Pennsic is to have a really good time
> > with a really big group of people while operating under the rules of
> > the Society for Creative Anachronism?"
>    Closer, but...  Telling someone (say a bunny-furred Tuchux, for
> purposes of visualization) who's (hypothetically) been to the last
> twenty-seven Pennsics that their "clothing" is no longer acceptable
> goes against my *own* sense of courtesy and hospitality.

Well, to some degree, but on the other hand: "Look, we've been giving you a
free ride for the last ten years, but sorry, it can't go on anymore."  A
lot of people might complain about how "unfair" it is, but I would tend to
respond with "Well, thank you for bending the rules in my favor for the
last decade," as opposed to getting angry at folks for deciding to stick to
the rules for a change...

>    Hmmm, how about "...under the *customs* of the SCA"?  Gets the
> message across without beating you up with it, and it's usually been

True, but it could also be considered "custom" by some people to run
screaming through camps at or playing drums in the quiet areas at four in
the morning also, and it can be considered "custom" for people to wear
hawaiian shirts and play conga music at Pennsic too, but I wouldn't want
any of those happening where they would interfere with others if I could
help it...

> the "custom" to allow a liberal interpretation of the rules, especially
> where new or non-SCAdians are concerned...

Where new SCAdians are concerned, it doesn't need to be "custom" -- it is
already IN the rules: "reasonable attempt" seems to cover that ground
adequately for me...

>    And while I'm not over-fond of elf ears, fangs, or bikinis at SCA
> events, threatening *expulsion* for them seems a lot closer to "paint
> job" than "reckless driving" arrest...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree then.  "Paint job" seems more to me
like using innapropriate fabric or lime green color -- exscusable, because
the person in question is still making a reasonable attempt at pre17th
century clothing/atmosphere.  Bikinis, fangs and elf ears are, IMHO, most
definately NOT the consequences of making a reasonable attempt at pre17th
century clothing/atmosphere.


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