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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

> Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
> > > Uh-uh.  Kilmeny mentioned "don't like how they look/ACT/etc."  My
> > > analogy was addressing the action part, just like speeding on the
> >road.
> > > I guess my post was covering all points of the seneschals' review
> >all at
> > > once.  Sorry 'bout that.
> >
> >    Then again, Kilmeny did distinguish between "crimes against laws or
> > people" and "crimes of fashion or taste".  I don't think anybody is
> > arguing to ignore the former, which is what I see stupid-fast speeding
> > as being analogous to.  It's sitting under beach umbrellas and wearing
> > aloha-print t-tunics that, while tacky and distracting, aren't
> >deserving
> > of "courts" and "reviews by the kingdom senechal", in my (our???)
> >opinion.
> I dunno, if they are doing so where they are distracting from the
> enjoyment of the rest of the event attendees (like out on the main
> road, raising their coconut daquiries to passers-by with the inance
> grin that I imagine would come naturally to these sort of folks), then
> yeah, I think that is *exactly* the sort of thing that needs to be
> addressed, and if they won't comply with the (really, really very easy
> to comply with, honestly) ground rules, then they are being rude and
> discourteous at the least.  They know just as well as anyone else that
> "sitting under beach umbrellas and wearing aloha-print t-tunics" isn't
> what the SCA is about...
> Julien
> probably more anal than is healthy

   Yeah, I can see your point...  Sorta like (to run with one of 
Kevin's analogies) going to a Clapton concert and playing Jimmy
Buffett tapes on a boombox...  But Pennsic is so big, and so busy,
and so full of distractions that if I noticed them at all I'd likely 
just ignore them and go on to the next merchant's booth...

  no doubt more _tolerant_ than is strictly healthy... ;)
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