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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> > Uh-uh.  Kilmeny mentioned "don't like how they look/ACT/etc."  My
> > analogy was addressing the action part, just like speeding on the
> > I guess my post was covering all points of the seneschals' review
>all at
> > once.  Sorry 'bout that.
>    Then again, Kilmeny did distinguish between "crimes against laws or
> people" and "crimes of fashion or taste".  I don't think anybody is
> arguing to ignore the former, which is what I see stupid-fast speeding
> as being analogous to.  It's sitting under beach umbrellas and wearing
> aloha-print t-tunics that, while tacky and distracting, aren't
> of "courts" and "reviews by the kingdom senechal", in my (our???)

I dunno, if they are doing so where they are distracting from the
enjoyment of the rest of the event attendees (like out on the main
road, raising their coconut daquiries to passers-by with the inance
grin that I imagine would come naturally to these sort of folks), then
yeah, I think that is *exactly* the sort of thing that needs to be
addressed, and if they won't comply with the (really, really very easy
to comply with, honestly) ground rules, then they are being rude and
discourteous at the least.  They know just as well as anyone else that
"sitting under beach umbrellas and wearing aloha-print t-tunics" isn't
what the SCA is about...

probably more anal than is healthy

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