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Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>

    Among several other books, I'm reading "A Knight and his Castle" by
R. Ewart Oakeshott, the best information on squires I've found is
contained in the latter.  While I'm aware that a squires training is
focused on the military aspect, I'm a bit confused on who actually
trains him.  I understand that the knight will guide him in many
aspects, but wouldn't the squire, as when he was a page, receive
training from other avenues?  Would the knight have time to ensure his
growth/continued training in the mews, with arms, train a war horse,
etc.?  In the reading, I'm taking it to be that as with training when he
was a page, a continuance would occur in that, his well rounded training
would be given by a few vice solely the knight.  Another question in
this vein, please.  As the squires training will now be honed more
towards the military aspect, the people who teach him should also
decrease in number.  Is there any one or two people besides the knight
that will specifically guide him?  Also, if anyone could recommend a
book focused on a squire and his life/training, I would greatly
appreciate it.  Thank you very much for your time.
Aars oc frither
Diana Cosby

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