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Re: Bad Generalizations

Poster: Betty & David Eyer <Betty_and_David@compuserve.com>

Rowen ferch Rhys spoke:
>>While in college I was in the SCA
and neither myself nor my fellow members did any of the above mentioned
(except perhaps for the "inhaling exercises" added to a few bats of the
eyelashes). <<

Either I spoke poorly or you misunderstood me completely - perhaps you are
sensitive on this subject?  I was not finding anything wrong with beer,
food, rock concerts or flirting.  These are all a few of my favorite things
even at my advanced and venerable age.  They are all legal, depending on
your state, county and age.  They do, however cost money.  I was, however,
finding fault with the argument that we should not enforce minimum
requirements for garb because college kids can't afford a cotton tee tunic.
  What I was trying to say is that folks in general and college students in
particular tend to find a way to afford the  few amusements that are
important to them, many of those amusements are more expensive than a
cotton t-tunic.  

My camp last year included some college folks, all of whom behaved pretty
well and all of whom made a sincere attempt at pre-17th century clothing. 
Even though they worried about money, all of them went home with a few
treats from the merchants area.  We camped near a group of college aged
folks who wore abominable garb, including leather and bikinis - but they
had boomboxes and CD's to play in them.  So I question that a lack of funds
was a reason for their choice of clothing.  People are very quick to refer
to college kids as the lowest common denominator of cash flow, but I know
working parents who are more financially constrained than most college kids
and yet manage to participate in the SCA with their kids  in a way that
complies with the rules.   I will restate my meaning: people (and college
students are people, all rumors to the contrary aside) will find a way to
pay for their amusements.  

I am a bit over sensitive about folks whining about the minimum
requirements of the SCA in terms of cost - and I am not targeting college
kids, here, because I have heard all sorts of people voice these
complaints.  For instance, you autocrat an event - you search for three
weeks for an affordable site and finally settle on one that is 150 bucks
more expensive than it was just last year and is still a bit too small for
this event and has a lousy kitchen.  Your cook says that food costs have
gone up and you must make a choice between quality and quantity in the
feast OR raise prices.  You cut down on expenses for activities and spend
two weeks calling every artisan you know until you have gotten some decent
prizes donated for free.  You end up budgeting your event at 11 bucks on
board with little or no room for profit, and the risk of going under. 
Listening in at troll, you hear more than a few folks complaining  about
how "events are so costly now, why are autocrats so greedy?".  You later
see those same people forking out big bucks at the armorer without
flinching.   People will find a way to pay for their amusements.

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