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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> I just don't understand how some folks running around with elf ears
> and/or fangs is that big of a deal.  Just avoid them if you can and
> ignore them if you can.  It is not like they go hanging around in most
> Atlantian camps.

I suppose it just depends on the situation and the person, I suppose.
I remember one event I was at, where it was late at night, quiet -- a
fire was roaring, and people were clustered around it talking, one
person was telling a story, the stars were out and the dark forest
provided a perfect backdrop for the various period tents that were
aligned along the edge of the wood... all in all, a wonderfully
respectful scene -- with just the slightest nudge, I could almost
convince myself that I wasn't just some nameless web designer from
1998, dealing with taxes and paychecks and car payments and all the
other troubles of modern life.  It was a signature scene, where I
realized that yes, it's my hobby, but it can also be more than that...

... and then two guys walked by each with a beer can and cigarette in
tow, talking about 4-wheel-drive trucks.


Talk about ruining the mood.

Okay, so the tale is a little melodramatic.  But the fact remains that
some people do this sort of stuff without thinking, and that's rude.
And some do it in spite of what they know is expected, and that's even


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