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Re: Pennsic Letter

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.virginia.edu>

   I sympathise, Julien.  Really I do...  *My* worst mood-breaker was
a Coleman lantern firing up way too close to my very night-adapted eyes...

   Still, the *closest* I ever came to that epiphany was at Pennsic, in
the Horde camp (long time ago, when there was only one), in the company
of a couple of Tuchux and an Ansteorran Duchess...  Maybe that's part of
why I'm overly defensive of folks in non-standard costume...

   Anyway, thanks for triggering a couple of my favorite memories!


> Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
> > I just don't understand how some folks running around with elf ears
> > and/or fangs is that big of a deal.  Just avoid them if you can and
> > ignore them if you can.  It is not like they go hanging around in most
> > Atlantian camps.
> I suppose it just depends on the situation and the person, I suppose.
> I remember one event I was at, where it was late at night, quiet -- a
> fire was roaring, and people were clustered around it talking, one
> person was telling a story, the stars were out and the dark forest
> provided a perfect backdrop for the various period tents that were
> aligned along the edge of the wood... all in all, a wonderfully
> respectful scene -- with just the slightest nudge, I could almost
> convince myself that I wasn't just some nameless web designer from
> 1998, dealing with taxes and paychecks and car payments and all the
> other troubles of modern life.  It was a signature scene, where I
> realized that yes, it's my hobby, but it can also be more than that...
> ... and then two guys walked by each with a beer can and cigarette in
> tow, talking about 4-wheel-drive trucks.
> <sigh>
> Talk about ruining the mood.
> Okay, so the tale is a little melodramatic.  But the fact remains that
> some people do this sort of stuff without thinking, and that's rude.
> And some do it in spite of what they know is expected, and that's even
> moreso.
> Julien
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