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Twelfth Night!

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Greetings to the assembled patrons!

	I'd like to express my great thanks to the Guardians for hosting a
wonderful Kingdom Twelfth Night, specfically:

	Lady Rixende de Rouen, and her deputy autocrats Ceara ingen an
Fear-fearainne ("Kilmeny") and  Duchess Arielle the Golden and to all of
their staff.  VIVANT!  A job well done!

	Baroness Rachel de Johnstone and her very capable kitchen staff. 
VIVANT!  I especially liked the apricot-glazed pork!  Yum!

	And of course, thanks to Their Royal Majesties, Anton and Luned through
whose grace and good counsel were recognized:

	Aislynn of Jarrow, her outstanding achievements in the arts and
sciences now include Mistress of the Laurel

	Lord Ruaidhri an Cu, newest Royal Bard

	His Excellency, Count Thorbrandr Olafsson, once again Royal Armourer

	Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood, whose service gained her Mistress of the

|+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury
|/+\|  (Kevin Maxson)
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