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Poster: "Edward B. Harrison" <73340.3004@compuserve.com>

>>Unfortunately, a surprising number of folks in Atlantia see nothing wrong
with smoking at events.<<

Probably because a surprising number are or associate with smokers...

>>I've asked people (as politely as possible, choking and gasping, inhaler in
hand) to stop on numerous occasions. Many have been wonderful and apologetic;
however, an equal number have been defensive, offended, or rude.<<

While there's no reason to be rude, I can understand both defensive (smokers 
are an often abused bunch) and offended, esp. if they've made an effort to 
be accommodating to someone _else_ and moved into your area. Not many 
autocrats take into consideration that many people in the SCA _do_ smoke; so 
designated smoking areas are rare, and often poorly marked. "Take it outside" 
is usually the only guidance given; so after the forth or fifth person asks 
one to go "somewhere else", one usually becomes cranky. 

>>I have spoken with autocrats about the problem at various events; some are 
helpful, others indifferent. I have also spoken with past Kingdom senschals, 
who say there's nothing that can be done to convince people to let me enjoy 
my hobby sans smoke.<<

Well, perhaps a compromise can be reached. You could hold some events at 
"smoke-free" sites, for instance. A lot of demos are done that way, 
especially those held indoors. Areas can be set aside for smokers outdoors to 
congregate; most are quite used to this sort of thing. But please, your 
Excellency, bear in mind that others should only have to bend so far to 
accommodate _you_, as well. Many of those same individuals probably would not 
enjoy the event if they had to leave the site just for a smoke. Certainly 
it's not a matter the Kingdom Senescal should have to formulate policy on.

Lord Morgan Ap Harris
Seneschal of Marinus and a (hopefully) soon-to-be ex-smoker.
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