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Court Report for Twelfth Night

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Greetings faire Atlantia from Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne on behalf of Their
Royal Majesties, Anton-Rex and Luned-Regina!

At the Twelfth Night Celebration held within the Barony of Sacred Stone
in the Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone on the Ninth day of
January, AS XXXlll two courts were held. There were no awards presented
during the first court. However, the following business was conducted:

     -Lord Aubrey Gowan passed on the Magnus Favor 
      to Lord Misha, which was received in his absence 
      by Count Thorbrandr.

     -The Shire of Highland Foorde presented a petition 
      for elevation to barony.

     -Mistress Isbella Stere stepped down as Kingdom MOL and 
      Lady Stephania Herring took her place.

     -Lady Aislynn of Jarrow was placed on Laurel vigil.

During the second Court of Their Royal Majesties, Anton & Luned, held
later in the day, the following awards were conferred:

               Aislynn of Jarrow - Order of the Laurel.
   Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood - Order of the Pelican.
                   Bardulf Raven - Award of Arms
               Meliora Trevathan - Award of Arms
         Hakim Hassan al-Musafar - Award of Arms
 Elsa Grettisdottir af Helsinger - Award of Arms
             Roxanne Greenstreet - Award of Arms
                 Edward la Blanc - Award of Arms
                   Isbella Stere - Kings Award of Excellence
               Dagonet d'Marlowe - Order of the Krakken
Wolfgang the Gamesman of Andover - Order of the Golden Dolphin

The following business also occurred:
     - The Children of Atlantia presented a gift they had made
       during the day to Their Majesties
     - Lord Rory named the new Royal Bard
     - Count Thorbrandr named the New Master Armorer
     - Lord Philip Bell presented the Rapier prizes and 
       a donation from the Rapier community to the Kingdom
       for use in Children's activities
     - Baroness Genevieve presented the A&S prizes

The awards and whom they were given to contained within this missive are
correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. If there is a mistake
please let me know. Also, if a name is incorrectly spelled please let me
know that also.

In service to Crown and Kingdom!


written this twelfth day of January in the thirty-third year of the
society being gregorian nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.
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