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Re: Courtesy

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>

Regarding smoking at events, it's been commented:

>> Many of those same individuals probably would not 
>> enjoy the event if they had to leave the site just for a smoke. Certainly 
>> it's not a matter the Kingdom Senescal should have to formulate policy on.
>It's already covered in Kingdom Law. Chapter 12, if I remember correctly.
>Smoking is prohibited in the central areas of any event in Atlantia.


This entire issue is indeed a charged one. 

It is a fact that many people are moderately to severely allergic to
tobacco smoke.

It is also a fact that many others are moderately to severely addicted to
tobacco in the form of smoking.  (This is not a moral judgement, simply the
observation that if you cannot refrain from smoking at will without
experiencing at least some discomfort, you have some degree of addiction,
whether physical or psychological.)   

Given these facts, one can predict:

1) People _will_ smoke at events. (They're addicted; it's a given)

2) Being people, they will usually find the nearest available area in which
to do it. (Generally at the closest doorway).

3) If the nearest available area is not clearly defined and at a sufficient
distance from the areas one must be in/traverse in order to participate in
the event , other people (the allergic ones) will be made, at the very
mimimum uncomfortable, scaling up to the point of either not participating
or being ill.

Wouldn't it make more sense for autocrats to designate "smoking areas"
where people _can_  smoke (as is done at hospitals and airports) rather
than try to define loosely where they can't?  (i.e. " the central area of
the event")  Perhaps also providing some kind of sand bucket for butts?
(It amazes me how many smokers do not seem to consider cigarette butts
litter.)  This would cut down on both  litter and fire hazard.

This wouldn't need to become a formal law if it became a well-known
customary way to comply with the existing law.   


Joyce A. Baldwin
Diva Extraordinaire

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