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Re: Barony of Highland Foorde (was RE: Twelfth Night!)

Poster: James Gilly / Alasdair mac Iain <alasdair.maciain@snet.net>

At 05:30 12-1-99 -0500, Kofryna wrote:
>Actually I've gotten a few inquiries regarding will be invested. Since our
>Petition was just accepted by Their Majesties, the polling for Baron and
>Baroness hasn't been conducted yet. The polling will likely be conducted
>closer to Investiture time.

I nominate Master James.


Alasdair mac Iain

Laird Alasdair mac Iain of Elderslie
Dun an Leomhain Bhig
Canton of Dragon's Aerie [southeastern CT]
Barony Beyond the Mountain  [northern & southeastern CT]
East Kingdom
-------   -------   -------
Argent, a chevron cotised azure surmounted by a sword and in chief two
mullets sable
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