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Caer Mear turns legal!

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

Good gentles,

Today, January 13th, is the 21st anniversary of the elevation of Caer
Mear to baronial status by Fredrick and Nicolynn, Monarchs of the East
Kingdom, at their 12th night celebration.

Congratulations Caer Mear! The first beer is on me!

Bryce de Byram
Seneschal of Caer Mear
(Who sits back down and returns to his bowl of Fruit Soup...) 

Susan Juroff (Susanna Grey) no longer shares this account.
Write to her at: Bluel1ly@aol.com 
"When his commander ordered him to surrender,the defiant McEntire refused and kept his cannons firing. 
When he died in 1917, his last request was that his grandson
return to the gap 100 years after the surrender date,
stand in front of the fort and curse the Yankees for five minutes."
-Don Schaud, Historical Traveller  
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