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Re: "Is there anybody IN there?"

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 99-01-13 20:47:33 EST, foxdale@wolfstar.com writes:

 > Actually, if you're not subscribed, it'll deny you the list of
 > subscribers.
 > _____
 > |+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury
 Oh, well then, that's even better:  an unambiguous sign that you are
 not subscribed!

If I remember correctly, per the directions (yes I saved them & there is a
REALLY long story behind that), you should be able to send an email to the
majordomo addy with the words "which <email addy>", & it will send back a list
of which lists you are subbed to--did this before when i got bounced & it said
I was not subbed to any.

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