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Re: 12th Night etc...

Poster: BjornFrie@aol.com

This was recently posted:

>>Poster: nix@iolinc.net (Malone, N.)

>>I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Society for quite a while,
>>and I feel a compulsion to offer a congratulations to our current King
>>and Queen.  Never in all my years, in any of 9 kingdoms have I seen 3
>>Kingdom level events go off so splendidly.  A really good kingdom level
>>event is not that rare.  Timing, space, production, etc., pulling off 2
>>good ones in a row that all have major production elements and courts is
>>much rarer.  Three in a row (Coronation, Crown, 12th Night) is a first for
>>me, a true Hattrick.  Maybe this is the Standard in Atlantia but I doubt
>>it based on the stories I hear.  Congratulations and Vivat.


If this is not the standard I'm not sure what else could be, I for one have
never been to anything less than a really good Kingdom level event.

Donovan Morgan
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