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EK: History Channel

Poster: James Gilly / Alasdair mac Iain <alasdair.maciain@snet.net>

Forwarded from the EK list at the request of the writer:

>From: "John J. McLaughlin II" <johnymac2@hotmail.com>
>To: SCA-EAST@indra.com
>Subject: EK: History Channel
>Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 07:52:16 PST
>-Poster: "John J. McLaughlin II" <johnymac2@hotmail.com>
>To all whom may have in intrest in such, the History Channel is running 
>a program at 9pm tonight about the developement of armor.  Last nite was 
>the evolution of the sword, Very impressive.  I don't know what else is 
>part of the series, but I'm going to try to buy the tapes....
>On the same note,  I'm trying to locate a sword, called the Arming 
>Sword, with a tan leather hilt.  I've checked with Swords' n' Stuff 
>online and with their vendor.  Chivilary Sports used to have it,  2 
>catalogs ago.  The hilt style has changed to one wrapped with black cord 
>or one with two-tone hardwood, depending on where the blade was made.  
>I'm trying to locate the leather wrapped hilt style that has been 
>discontinued, and I'm hopeing one of the merchants who reads this list 
>has one in stock, none of the vendors I've tried has it any longer.  
>Would anyone who is subscribed to the other kingdom lists foreward this 
>on?  Thank you all,
>Seon o' Loughlin
>Shire of Quintavia
>Kingdom of the East
>"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."  "Henry V"  
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