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Enough of Virii already....

Poster: "S. C. Burke" <sburke@exis.net>





In response to numerous "virus warnings" that seem attracted to my
email address like, um, bugs to light - the above links are provided for
your reference.

The first is for McAfee associates, where you can get free trials of the
latest in anti-virus and anti-trojan software, as well as verify these
messages  "from McAfee."  FYI, there is a valid notice, and FIX for
picture.exe at this site.

The second is a page at the US Department of Energy, the Computer
Incident Advisory Committee, which is a listing of common Internet
virus hoaxes.  The third link specifically is for the "AIDS virus."
There is, really, an AIDS virus for the computer, but READ the hoax

The CIAC page also describes how to identify a possible hoax.  The
concern we all share for each others well being is fantastic, however,
please verify warnings before sending them out.

The last link is to an URBAN LEGENDS page.  The recent notes about
AIDS (bloodborne) infected needles being left in movie theatre seats falls
into this catagory.  The AIDS virus, properly called HIV, is a very fragile

critter, and will break down rapidly upon exposure to air or light.  This
warning is a spin on the urban legend of needles left in pay phone coin
return slots.

Again, your concern is appreciated, Patricia and I thank you all.  But,
they taught us in grade school, please check your work before posting.

Scott Burke
Police Officer, Portsmouth Police Department
Paramedic, Kempsville Rescue Squad

Patricia Burke
Paramedic, Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services
Instructional Staff, EMS Division, Tidewater Community College

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