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Re: Ice Castle

Poster: "Cindy Arthur" <shrewlet@roava.net>

>From: aewing.99.student.wlu@jefferson.student.wlu.edu
>To: atlantia@atlantia.sca.org, blackdiamond@wlu.edu
>Subject: Ice Castle
>Date: Mon, Jan 18, 1999, 6:06 PM

>Poster: aewing.99.student.wlu@jefferson.student.wlu.edu
>Good tidings to all of Atlantia!!
>The Barony of Black Diamond is pleased to announce Ice Castle 1999.  
>We invite any and all to celebrate our Barony's Birthday with us on 
>February 20, 1999 in Blacksburg, Virginia.  
>We, the populous of Black Diamond, request your presence at our 
>lively celebration!!  All are encouraged to attend and to take part 
>in what you will - fighting, feasting, or dancing.  Come and be of 
>good cheer.  
>February 20, 1999  --  Ice Castle 
>Barony of Black Diamond - Blacksburg, VA 
>The Barony of Black Diamond invites you to join us in celebrating our 
>birthday with tourneys, music, food and fun!  We have indoor fighting this 
>year and a full service kitchen (nothing can stop greatness)! 
>Site:  Blacksburg Middle School, 501 S. Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060.  The 
>site opens at 8am and closes at 10pm.  This site is a Drug Free Zone and is, 
>therefore, bone dry.  No pets are allowed on site, please. 
>Tournament:  The tournament is an Ice Castle traditional three-man melee 
>round robin.  Showers are available on site.  Please contact Lord Edwin 
>Bilgewater for further information regarding rapier etc. 
>(540-343-0075, email: Lukezic_CR@vdot.state.va.us ). 
>Arts & Sciences:  The barony invites you to show your talents in a 
>competition with the theme of black and gold.  There will also be a arts and 
>sciences display.  Feel free to submit works in progress; documentation is 
>Other Activities:  Merchants are heartily welcomed.  There are a wide 
>variety of children's activities planned (for all ages).  Dancing will also 
>take place after the feast.  Please contact Lady Adrianna de Bretagne for 
>details (see below). 
>Feast:  A sumptuous feast will be prepared by Argyle MacKay.  Feast space is 
>limited to 150 so please reserve early!  Please address any concerns to 
>Argyle (Bruce Prescott) at 540-951-7734 or silent.bob@vt.edu . 
>Cost:  On or before February 6th - $13 per person on board.  After February 
>6th - $15 per person on board.  $8.00 for off board space.  Children 6-12 
>are half price.  Children under 6 are guests of the barony.  Please make 
>checks payable to Barony of Black Diamond, SCA Inc.  Please mail 
>reservations to Tesa (Angie Henderson) (see below).  The only reservation is 
>a PAID reservation (no phone or email reservations accepted). 
>Autocrats:  Maridonna Cortesa Moncada (Angie Henderson), 648 Lee Hall, 
>Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24060-0007, (540) 232-1084.  email: 
>Lady Adrianna de Bretagne (Andrea Ewing), P.O. Box 4923, Lexington, VA 
>24450, (540) 464-6809, email: aewing@wlu.edu 
>Directions:  Take your best route to exit 118 off of I-81 in Christiansburg, 
>VA.  At the end of the ramp, turn towards the multitude of gas stations and 
>Virginia Tech. 
>At the first stoplight, turn right onto the 460 bypass.  Follow this road 
>through Christiansburg for 6 stoplights.  After the Big Boy on your right 
>and Montgomery Regional Hospital on your left take the Downtown Blacksburg 
>exit (460 Business). 
>Follow Main Street for three stoplights.  After the third stoplight you will 
>see a Middle School on your right (1/4 mile down).  Turn right onto Eheart 
>Street and parking is behind the school. 
>If you would like to see some pictures from last year's event go to:
>And please be sure to visit the Barony of Black Diamond's webpage:
>It has all the information for the Barony.  You know you want to.
>-Lady Adrianna de Bretagne
>(mka Andrea Ewing)
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Lady Adrianna,
The directions that you have posted need to be revised. Upon turning onto
Main Street from US 460 there are 5 stoplights not 3 that will reach you to
the Middle School.
1) Main and Industrial
2) Main and Elliott
3) Main and South Main Plaza
4) Main and Country Club drive
5) Main and Airport Road.
I tell you this now in hopes that it can be corrected in time for the next
Acorn. As a fellow Black Diamond resident of 12 years, I felt that it was my
duty to help.

Hope that all goes well for you

In Service,

Lady Elizabeth of Rosewood (a.k.a.Shrewlet)
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