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Re: Ice Castle

Poster: Aedan Aylwyn <aedan@mindspring.com>

>The Barony of Black Diamond is pleased to announce Ice Castle 1999.  
>We invite any and all to celebrate our Barony's Birthday with us on 
>February 20, 1999 in Blacksburg, Virginia.  
>Tournament:  The tournament is an Ice Castle traditional three-man melee 
>round robin.  Showers are available on site.  Please contact Lord Edwin 
>Bilgewater for further information regarding rapier etc. 
>(540-343-0075, email: Lukezic_CR@vdot.state.va.us ) 

Hmmmm, I seem to recall someone asking me to marshall the rapier
tournament there.  I suppose that one way or another, rapier will happen.

See you there,
BDSM-R  (Black Diamond Substitute Marshall - Rapier)
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