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Y2K meets Y1K (not really about either)

Poster: "Steve Schell" <sschell@hepc.com>

Ok, not precisely a medieval era question, but...I know how computer
savvy this group tends to be.

I'm looking into web hosting services for a new corporate web page for a
new corporation. (so much newness it CAN'T be medieval).  While there
are plenty of servers out there, I thought I'd ask around the group and
see if anyone had a new web site hosting service of their own.
I can't guarantee the sale (not being the only board member....oh to be
King instead with absolute rule! :-)  ) but I'd certainly like to see
what's out there.

Send me your host information (server type, hosting software, how you
connect and speed, etc.) to gargsys@yahoo.com

Thanks again!

                                ......... and now step back into the
temporal disturbance and return to the "first millennium" ......

Steven Schell
Eideard a' clachair

P.S.  Has there been any decision as to the garb requirements (yea or
nay) for Unevent?

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