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RE: Y2K meets Y1K (not really about either)

Poster: "Stapelton,  Gregory" <gregory.stapleton@funb.com>

I don't have my own hosting service, but I'd like to recommend you check
Interland.  I've been very happy with their service and their prices are
extremely reasonable.  (Not affiliated with them in any way other than a
happy customer.)  http://www/interland/net

Gawain Kilgore

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> From:	Steve Schell [SMTP:sschell@hepc.com]
> Sent:	Friday, January 22, 1999 9:01 AM
> To:	Merry Rose Tavern at Cheapside
> Subject:	Y2K meets Y1K (not really about either)
> Poster: "Steve Schell" <sschell@hepc.com>
> Ok, not precisely a medieval era question, but...I know how computer
> savvy this group tends to be.
> I'm looking into web hosting services for a new corporate web page for a
> new corporation. <snip>
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