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What's in a name?

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

The following site was been passed along to me:


SUPPOSEDLY, the site does an analysis (?) of your name and tells you what kind
of personality you have, including your strengths, weaknesses, how you
interact with others, and (get this) your health prospects.

Since extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, I went along with it,
and had their "engine" generate a report based on my name, "Vard".  Here's
what is generated:

"The first name of VARD creates an intense personal nature. Your feelings and
emotional desires are strong and consequently you are an individual,
determined, strong-willed person. Your creative nature and ambition drive you
to pursue success to the extent that you jeopardize your personal well-being.
There is a tendency for you to dominate others. You are too certain of
yourself, and you are not open to the views of others or responsive to their
desires or needs. Also, this name does not incorporate qualities that enable
you to be diplomatic and to compromise. In all your work and activities you
are inclined to be rather unsystematic and disorderly. These characteristics
spoil stability, progress, and accumulation, even though you may put forth
intense effort. Tension and frustration exact a heavy toll on your peace of
mind and nervous system. You are often preoccupied with the desires and
demands of the moment. Temper and indulgence could become serious problems in
your life. Your health could suffer through disorders affecting the nervous
system. Tension centring in the head could affect the eyes, ears, sinuses, and
teeth. "

Hmm, "Strong-willed", "Domineering", "Too certain of yourself", "Not open to
the view of others", "Non-diplomatic"  Suprizingly, a very close description.
<g> "Disorders of the nervous system" (uh oh!)  "Could affect the eyes" (I
wear glasses), "Ears" (I've got a very minor case of partial deafness),
"Sinuses" (I get these migranes...), "Teeth" (My folks bought me braces).
Whoa!  All of this because I chose "Vard" as my SCA name.  Amazing!

Just to make sure it didn't spit the same result out for EVERY name, I gave it
"Kenneth" (my mundane name), and it *was* different.  But it was eeerily on
the mark, too, as it claimed that I was, "creative, versatile and
imaginative", that I'm moody and can become "caustic and belligerent in (my)
attitude toward everyone", and that I should "cultivate a more relaxed manner"
to make friends.  Finally, it cautioned me about ulcers and eye/ear/throat
problems.  I suppose I better lay off the Jalapenos, eh?

For what it's worth, the address is at the top.  I make no claims as to the
accuracy of this info, I just relay it along for general consumption and

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