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[fwd] EK: EKAnn: 21st Annual Black Rose Ball

Poster: James Gilly / Alasdair mac Iain <alasdair.maciain@snet.net>

Hullo, all -

I just wanted to pass along the broadside for this year's installment of
the best event I've ever attended. 8)  I just checked the web site - their
dance list isn't up yet, but they promise it will be by the 29th.

Alasdair mac Iain

>Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:44:10 -0700 (MST)
>From: Sean Rabbitt - Cadel the Lion <bigsimba@ids.net>
>To: sca-east@indra.com
>Subject: EK: EKAnn: 21st Annual Black Rose Ball
>-Poster: Sean Rabbitt - Cadel the Lion <bigsimba@ids.net>
>-Poster: Sean Rabbitt - Cadel the Lion <bigsimba@ids.net>
>  This is an SCA-East-Announce message:
>Please Note:  The SCA East Web Page incorrectly noted the wrong barony
>for the Black Rose Ball for a short period of time.  As always, the
>Black Rose Ball is held in the Barony of the Bridge, not the Barony of
>the Blak Rose.
>Dancemasters and Dancemistresses!  Would you care to assist in teaching
>dances during the day?  Please contact the autocrat, Ingram (Sean
>Rabbitt, 401-788-0817 before 10PM, bigsimba@ids.net) as soon as
>Please spread the word!
>An updated list of dances will soon be posted at
>The 21st Annual Black Rose Ball
>Barony of the Bridge (Kingston, RI)
>Yea, though the weather outside has become cold and dreary, the Barony
>of the Bridge in cooperation with the Borough of Ramskeep, invite all
>good gentles to come warm our dance halls with love.  Saturday, February
>13, 1999, join us at the University of Rhode Island Memorial Union, 50
>Lower College Road, in beautiful Kingston, RI for a day of dancing and
>poetry of sweetest adoration at the 21st annual Black Rose Ball.  
>This year, along with our usual dancing and revelry, we invite you to
>participate in two contests we hope to make a tradition.  First, express
>your love and devotion to another with a sonnet.  (Official rules: The
>poem must follow standard sonnet form, and the reading may not exceed
>two minutes in length as to be judged by a very large man with a sword
>in hand.)  Our second contest is for the most outrageous and imaginative
>cloven fruit.  (Official rules: Yes, it really must be a fruit.)
>Also, we will be holding a silent auction to benefit the URI student
>group.  All proceeds from the auction will go towards a future
>educational event to benefit the children of South County.  If you would
>like to donate an item for the silent auction, please contact Ingram
>(contact information below).
>The site opens at 11 AM and dance practice will begin at noontime.  The
>site closes at 10 PM.  As always, we greatly appreciate all those
>gentles who stay to help clean up or show up early to help set up.
>The site fee is $4.  Admission is free with a valid student
>identification card for any university, college, high school, or other
>place of higher learning or a bribe for the autocrat.  Also, faculty,
>staff, and administrators of any educational institution may attend for
>free.  Please make checks payable to SCA Inc. - Barony of the Bridge. 
>No reservations are needed.  Our local restaurants will be providing a
>discount for attendees of the Ball who are wearing garb.  A light
>dayboard will be provided during the day, and a light dessert table will
>be available at night.
>For more information, please contact one of the autocrats.  Countess
>Mistress Morgen Duval (Sally Dwyer, faculty advisor for the URI SCA),
>306 Gooseberry Road, Wakefield, RI 02879, (H) 401-792-8393, (W)
>401-874-2715.  Lord Ingram Josef Holzapfel (Sean Rabbitt, Provost,
>Borough of Ramskeep), PO Box 3001, Kingston, RI  02881, 401-788-0817. 
>Please, no phone calls after 10PM ET.
>Directions to the University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus, Memorial
>First, pick up a map.  You may need it.
>>From the North: Take your best route to Interstate 95 in Rhode Island. 
>Exit at RI Route 4 South.  (This is a LEFT HAND EXIT.)  Proceed 6 miles
>to Exit 5B, Route 102 North.  At the bottom of the exit, proceed 0.7
>miles to a flashing yellow light.  Take a left onto RI Route 2 South. 
>Proceed 7 miles to RI Route 138.  Take a left onto 138 and follow
>directions below*.
>>From the South and West: Take your best route to Interstate 95 in Rhode
>Island.  Exit at RI Route 138 East (Exit 3A).  Proceed about 8-9 miles
>to the intersection of RI Route 2 and RI Route 138.  This will be the
>second traffic light you will see on this road.  Proceed THROUGH the
>light and follow the directions below*.
>*From Route 2 and 138, drive 1.5 miles to the traffic light at Plains
>Road.  You will see a sign that says URI Service Entrance.  Take a left
>onto Plains Road.  Plains Road will make a 90-degree right hand turn. 
>Proceed past the stadium, through the 4-way intersection.  You will see
>a totally out of place white clapboard farmhouse on your right after
>passing two of the brick dorms.  Take a right at this farmhouse and
>proceed to the large oddly colored building with a huge window.  This is
>the Memorial Union.  Parking is open to all on the weekends in all
>lots.  Do not park in any fire lanes, or your car will be towed.  We
>will have clearly marked signs to get you onto campus!
>Thus ends the rant,
>Sean Rabbitt (bigsimba@ids.net)

Laird Alasdair mac Iain of Elderslie
Dun an Leomhain Bhig
Canton of Dragon's Aerie [southeastern CT]
Barony Beyond the Mountain  [northern & southeastern CT]
East Kingdom
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