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Re: Elf-arrows and Shakespeare

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 1/25/99 5:30:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, gbonar@auspex.com

> First, my "Forgotten English", word-a-day calendar says that the term
>  elf-arrow was given in the British Isles to the ancient flint arrow-heads
>  still often found.  Also arrow-heads of the Neolithic period ... At one
>  they were supposed to be shot by elves at people and cattle out malice or
>  revenge.  Cool huh!

Neat.  I have heard them referred to as "Fairy Darts" before but had no idea
that it was anything other than a fancifal nick name.  Thanks for the tid bit!
The other Eogan (Og)
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