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febuary's meeting of the cooks and poisoners guild

Poster: "Gene Bonar" <gbonar@auspex.com>

sorry for the wide distribution.  if you live outside of Windmasters' Hill
you probably won't be interested. there are gentles that read this list that
don't read the windmasters list that might be interested.

greetings C&P's,

the cooks and poisoners guild is a group started in Windmasters' Hill to
study and enjoy food recipes for the middle ages.  you need only the
interest to join us.

how about having the next cooks and poisoners on Sunday the 20th of Feb.  we
can have it at Elspeth and Eógan's new house in Holly Springs.  we can have
bring your favorite period dish (no themes this time).  newbies can call
919-577-3913 for ideas and encoragement.  if everyone is in agreement I will
post the directions.

if you are interested in joining us we have a list and a web page and I am
sure that the web minister Nikulai Ivanovich will post the instruction on
how to join  as well as where the web page is.

Come see us

THL Eógan mac Ailpein, Windmasters' Hill pursuivant
Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
mka Gene Bonar  919.772.1112  gbonar@auspex.com

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