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Re: Excuse Me Curia Lovers

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

In a message dated 1/27/99 12:44:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
achbar@bellsouth.net writes:

<< Forgive a Sacred Stoner for Butting in here.  I don't always follow this
 list as I should.  I am sorry for that.  Are any provisions being made to
 keep this Principality from going Kingdom?
    I am totally against this idea of a Principality.  There is nothing I can
 do about to stop except to say that I am against it.   I could write letters
 to the King and others , but I  don't think I will be heard from down here.
    There is talk about breaking up groups in NC incase you guys get your
 Principality.  If breaking ups Windmasters or Sacred Stone means  getting
 your Principality...then I am not in favor of your Principality.
     I cannot imagine why one should write in provisions that a group should
or should not do something.  My Shire is now an Incipient Barony;  Atlantia is
now a Kingdom; Baronies calve off Cantons the way cats have kittens.  Would
you seriously set something in stone?  Try it.  Write it in.  Put it in the
rules.  It'll only last until a majority wants to change the rule.  And why,
for Heaven's sake, do you think we'd WANT to go Kingdom , bim, bam, boom?  The
P. of the Mists hasn't in Lord knows how many years.  I as an individual
     Master Bran, I think, refuted the idea that the Northern P. is linked to
breaking up the southern baronies, (not that I had the information, mind you,
but he says things better than I could anyway).  I'd like to put in my two
ducats on that matter, however.  When I left Storvik seven years ago to come
out to the Howling Wilderness seventy miles west, Storvik That Was encompassed
what is now Storvik, Ponte Alto, and Roxbury Mill.  The place was HUGE, both
in terms of size, and in terms of wealth and population.  There were a lot of
reasons to break it up, not least because the different areas were going into
regional identity (mentally) anyway, and because (BTW, all of this is my
hindsight speaking, rather than fact) it let people do more as different
groups.   And one other thing that perhaps could use mention is that Storvik
That Was was big enough to wag the kingdom; it was a VERY big fish in the
pond, especially when you think of the Southern baronies minus seven years of
productive growth.  The new groups took off like a flock of birds.  Is it
wrong of His Majesty to want growth?  Forgive me for butting in, because
Southern politics are no place for me to intrude, but I had thought that the
whole idea of a canton was at least in part to have the infrastucture in place
for advancement in status, IF that was what the group wanted.  His Majesty's
proposal, to me, sounds like solid common sense.  (Again, IF your populace
supports it.  I have no idea  what % thinks what on the issue. )    James of
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