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Fun with Latin--an oxymoron? I think not!

Poster: Alana Cleary <lulumialu@yahoo.com>

Okay..I came across some funny phrases in latin.. a goat for anyone
who can tell me what they are *grin*

Ne auderis delere orbem rigidum meum!

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum
immane mittam. 

Furnulum pani nolo.

Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare.

Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione.

Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant!

Romani quidem artem amatoriam invenerunt.

Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?

Cum catapultae proscriptae erat, tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.

Nupperime de Gallia huc volavi! Mehercule, bracchia mea defatiga sunt!

I rolled when I read these..I'd like to pass the enjoyment to you
guys, now..

Until Again,


Alana Cleary ICQ#-1610142

-Per pale vert and azure, on a chevron inverted counterchanged 
fimbriated between a sun and a crescent, an estoile argent.-

"Reality is for people without imagination.."
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