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[CAER ANTERTH MAWR]: Fw: heraldry contest

Poster: Jeanette Gugler <jgugler@mindspring.com>

>This came across another list I'm on, and I thought it sounded fun, so I'm
>forwarding it to you all!
>From: Reia M. Chmielowski <kareina@eagle.ptialaska.net
>Date: Friday, January 29, 1999 7:26 PM
>Subject: [SCA-RoyalPeers] heraldry contest
>From: "Reia M. Chmielowski" <kareina@eagle.ptialaska.net>
>Our little branch just got word that our first attempt at a name (Moroedd
>Oer, or "Icy Seas" in English) didn't pass due to problems with
>documentation, so now we are faced with the somewhat daunting task of
>coming up with a new name to submit so that our petition to become a full
>branch will be accepted.  To that end we have decreed a contest, to be
>judged at our upcoming Blue Moon Feast on the 6th of March.  Entrants need
>not be present to win!  (Yes, we will ship the prize if needed.) The
>winning entry will be submitted to the College of Heralds along with our
>chosen branch coat of arms.
>If you've always wanted to name a branch, but didn't have a branch in need
>of naming now is your golden opportunity!  We are hoping for something that
>is sort of descriptive of the local area.  We are centered on a sand spit
>which projects into the Kotzebue Sound, which is part of the Bering Sea,
>but we claim the entire northern coastline of the state of Alaska.  We are
>north of the Arctic Circle, north of the tree line, and the environment
>tends to be somewhat harsh in the winter (right now it is about -40 F, but
>the wind chill brings it to more like -100).  In the summer we have
>incredible amounts of daylight, there is abundant wildlife in the area, and
>berries & mosquitoes are plentiful.
>Our first attempt at a name submission was in Welsh.  We are hoping to
>avoid using English so that the name will sound slightly exotic, but the
>new name doesn't necessarily have to be Welsh.  In fact, choosing a
>Scandinavian language would be very appropriate given our northern
>Documentation will be required for this contest, since it was a problem
>with documentation which made our first attempt fail.  Entries can be
>e-mailed to our Seneschal, Lord Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov at
>kotzsca@ptialaska.net or you can reach him via snail mail at:
>Don Goertz
>PO Box 891
>Kotzebue, AK 99752
>Feel free to forward this contest information to any other list or
>individual who might be interested in entering!
Theodora von Schmetterlingswald		jgugler@mindspring.com
	Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill
Argent, a fess azure, ermined argent, 
between three pine trees couped sable and a butterfly azure.

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