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SCA Groups

Poster: "Michael Jeffrey Looney" <barderic@mailcity.com>

>I had to move a state away to find
SCA when there was a thriveing and vibrant group where I had lived
20+ years.<

I had the same problem.
I lived in Ponto Alto for 19 years, NEVER heard even a WHISPER about
it, but apparetnly it's a HIUGISH JIGANTIC thing there!
ANwyays, as soon as I moved down here, after getting hooked up with
the SCA in Danville, where there is an itsey-bitsey smigen of a group
mostly made up of poeople from out SIDE of the emediate area, I found
out about thsi huge group back up "home".
I think we, as a society, have that problem.
We need to make the big groups as well known as the little ones, who
seem to do mroe demos b/c the big ones seem to feel like "well, we're
huge, so we don't need to advertise b/c everyone knows about us",
which ISN"T the truth at all.
The bigger areas ARE going to have bigger groups (yea, I can hear
people getting ready to tell me that now), and we SHUDL concentrat on
the small areas, but there's LOTS MORE people int eh BIG areas that
WILL NOT know about us beign there B/C we concentrait so strongly on
the little ones.
Just my 2 cents!

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