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Re: An apology

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>


There is absolutely no need for you to apologize to anyone. In fact, it 
appears you are owed an apology by someone.  You have been given very 
incorrect information.

The note "set to the tune of 'Hello Young Lovers' by Rogers and 
Hammerstein" do not (NOT, NOT) violate anyone's copyright. You didn't 
post the tune to the list, you posted words written to the tune.

The only problem you might have is in posting the WORDS which are owned 
by the person who wrote them.  Given the circumstances, I doubt the 
person who wrote the words is concerned at all that they were 
cross-posted to the Atlantia list.  And if they were, they'd come after 
YOU, not SCA, Inc.

Everyone!!  Don't beleive everything you read on the internet.  
Including this.  Go do your own research.  If everyone checked out 
things before posting them, we'd never see another bogus virus alert in 
our mailboxes.


   - Anarra Karlsdottir

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