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Court Report from Storvik Investiture

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Greetings faire Atlantia and all to whom these presents come from Lady
Mordeyrn Tremayne on behalf of Their Royal Majesties Anton & Luned!

On this Saturday past, being the sixth day of March, in the thirty-third
year of the society, modernly known as 1999 there was an event in the
lands of the Barony of Storvik called the Storvik Baronial Investiture.
His Royal Majesty Anton did hold two courts. 

In the first court the following business was conducted: After their
last Baronial Court, His Excellency, Baron Corun MacAnndra and Her
Excellency, Baroness Brenna of Storvik did relinquish their fief back to
His Majesty's care. His Majesty then invested Lady Johanna von Sudeborn
as the new Baroness of Storvik.

After that, the following awards were given:
Arbogast of Diedenhofen  - Award of Arms
Master Herveus D'Ormond  - Order of the Pearl
THLady Brenna of Storvik - Court Baroness
THLord Corun MacAnndra   - Court Baron
Lady Siobhan O'Riordain  - Order of the Pelican

After a time filled with gaming, dancing, and camaraderie, a second
court was held by His Royal Majesty Anton. After a brief first Court
held By Her Excellency Johanna, the following kingdom awards were

Denora bat Shimshon        - Award of Arms
Baron Corun MacAnndra      - Order of the Pearl
Rhiall of Dun Carraig      - Award of Arms
Roicard O Donnghaile       - Sea Urchin
Graham Johannasson         - Sea Urchin
Baroness Brenna of Storvik - Order of the Pelican       

This report is complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge. If I
have misspelled a name or missed a happening, please let me know as soon
as possible.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,
- Mordrea -

Written this seventh day of MArch, AS XXXlll, being Gregorian 1999
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