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Period Games

Poster: Shannon Keys <skeys@millenicom.com>

    Greetings Good Gentles,

    I am posting this to multiple lists.  I am sorry for any duplicates
you may recieve.
    I am seeking any Gentles who plan on attending the Feast of Thirty
celebration being held in Nottinghill Coill in May.  We are currently
planning on having a "Gaming Hall"  after feast.  I am searching fro two
things: first, rules to period card and board games, and second, people
who know the games well enough to teach them to others.  Currently the
idea is to have a class during the afternoon to teach the games to those
interested, and then open the "Gaming Hall" after the feast area has
been cleared, to all who wish to play.
    If you are interested in helping, please contact me so I have an
idea of what supplies I will need.  I will also try to make the results
of the rules request available to the populace of the Merry Rose for
anyone who is interested.  Many thanks for your time.

In Service
Medb MAc Domhnaill
MoAS Falcon Cree
"Si non caste tamen caute"

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