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Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

Poster: rabah <rabah@tez.net>

Medb Mac Domhnaill wrote:

>From what I understand this also applies to photographs on web pages.  After
starting an A&S page for Falcon Cree, I wanted to include a photo gallery with
shots from some of our activities.  I was told that according to SCA policy I
would have to have permission from every gentle pictured, preferrably in
So goes the photo gallery. :(

The actual SCA policy is that if you can mundanely identify the person by
their face then you should have their permission to use a photo of them on
the webpage or in an SCA publication. Add to this the fact that you need
the permission of the copyright holder who in this case would be the

If you take a shot of a battle and have twenty people in full armor w/helms
it's okay to run the shot without specific permission. Most of us would be
able to identify Duke Michael and His Majesty, Anton, by their surcoats
and/or shields in such a shot, but the rule of thumb is you have to be able
to mundanely identify them BY FACE.

An example of this would be a picture that was taken of Baron Ranulf and
Baroness Caitlyn of Ponte Alto during their court. Not only can you
identify them as Baron Ranulf and Baroness Caitlyn, but you can also
identify them by face as Gary and Cindy Halstead. To publish or post this
picture you would need their permission, preferably in writing, as well as
the permission of the photographer in order to use the picture.

Don't let the rule keep you from putting pictures in your SCA newsletter or
on your SCA website. Ask for the permission . . . most of the time you'll
get it. 

Please feel free to contact me privately if you need any further
clarification or background on why this policy was formulated.


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