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Re: Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

Poster: "Morghana" <Morghana@att.net>

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From: rabah <rabah@tez.net>
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Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 2:05 AM
Subject: Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

>The actual SCA policy is that if you can mundanely identify the person by
>their face then you should have their permission to use a photo of them on
>the webpage or in an SCA publication. Add to this the fact that you need
>the permission of the copyright holder who in this case would be the

Where, specifically is this policy posted?  I'd like to read the entire
thing.  If this document pertains to publications, especially the web, it
should be made available on that media (but wherever it is, I want to see

BTW, this goes against what I've been told by legal counsel (other than
needing the photographer's permission, which agrees with what I've been


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