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Re: Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Where, specifically is this policy posted?  I'd like to read the
> thing.  If this document pertains to publications, especially the
>web, it
> should be made available on that media (but wherever it is, I want to
> it....)

I don't know about the 'recognizable face' clause mentioned by Rabah,
but the general Atlantian Chronciler's Policies on Copyright can be
found at http://acorn.maxson.com/policies.htm.

I do know that a huge packet of Copyright and the SCA
articles/guidlines were handed out at the Unevent Chronciler's meeting.

> BTW, this goes against what I've been told by legal counsel (other
> needing the photographer's permission, which agrees with what I've
> told).

This isn't necessarily a legal issue -- it's an SCA issue.  The SCA (or
any particular Kingdom) is free to be more restrictive than what the
mundane law allows.  Mundane Law may say you only need A, but Atlantian
policy may say that you also need B.


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