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Re: photos (was Re: Filk, email, and copyright)

Poster: "D'elle Monte" <SCHOENTHALERM@jefferson.student.wlu.edu>

I'm not exactly sure of the policy on personal photos, but I know 
it's polite protocol to list sources of all found images posted on 
your pages. (i.e. if you use screenshots from the game The Realm by 
Sierra Inc, you should mention something like, "Screenshots courtesy 
of Sierra's Realm at http://www.realmserver.com")I can't imagine that 
there are any kind of particular legalities against personal photos 
as long as you don't list personal information without permission. 
You can't find a person's house or phone number by looking at their 
face! Of course, I could be 100% wrong...it's been known to happen. 
(and if I am, it's better to know, so please correct me if I am 

Chantal deBellevallee,
-a simple girl of the Kingdom

D'elle Monte - 
It's a household name.
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