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Re: Cap of maintenance? (was Pelican Cloaks)

Poster: MCAMEROUN@aol.com

In a message dated 3/10/99 11:52:05 AM Eastern Standard Time,
herveus@Radix.Net writes:

<< Note also that this is reserved as regalia to Pelicans. Note also that,
 in period, a cap of maintenance was officially reserved to certain high
 nobles. For example, at one point in England (in the 1300's I think), the
 privilege of wearing one was extended to dukes, having previously been
 limited to princes (if I recall the post on SCAHRLDS correctly).

OK, this brings up a good topic for discussion for the list.  Here's the
question - 

Are there any other items of clothing that are reserved as regalia for
specific people within the SCA?  Other than the obvious (white belt, chain,
and spurs for a knight, red belts for squires, six-pearled pointy-hat things
for barons, etc.)?

Margaret Cameron
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