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Viking Wood Artefacts from Ireland.

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

I got this new book in today:

Viking Age Decorated Wood, A Study of It's Ornament and Style
by James T. Lang, National Museum of Ireland. Medieval Dublin
Excavations1962-81 Royal Irish Academy. Full of things like fancy
sword beaters, shuttles, winders, scoops, spindle, boxes,carding 
comb handle, a really neat wolf toggle, knife handles, an awl with a 
dragon head, stylus, etc. Some furniture bits, boxes, carvings.
The awl has the blade bent nearly 90 degrees. I'm not gonna 
speculate on that one.

Ordered from bookshop.co.uk 0901714690   17.66 pounds. on Internet.
Got it since ordered on the 5th.

The decorated sword beaters and some of the other items are rather
neat. 102 pages, a bit bigger than the average big dover.

Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson St., Dublin 2
HB 0 901714 68 2
PB 0 901714 69 0 


I don't sell 'em. Have to order your own.
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