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                                            March 27- INN ON THE ROAD   
                                            Canton of Aire Faucon, Casar,NC
We've left the candle burning. Come one come all and join the Canton of Aire Faucon in a salute to our Baroness with FUN and GAMES.  There will be something for everyone.  Don't forget about our first annual Ugly Bar Maid Competition.
    Fighting:  Heavy and Rapier- there will be two battles.
              First- help the Baronial Champions defend the Baroness on her journey with a booty 
              battle.  All booty should be more then five dollars please.  To the winner goes the Booty!!!
              Second- a aoft touch tourney.  The marshall in charge will explain.
    Arts & Science:  There will be two competitions-Best use of baronial colors and an open catagory
               best of luck to you all!
    Traveling Bardic competition:  Let the populace be your judge.  the bards will be given special
               tokens and bags.  They will collect beans from everyone throughtout the day.  The bard
               with the most beans at the end of the day wins!
    Gaming:  There will be three games for you to choose from.  Sign in at the gaming table and
                   report in to the Score keeper throughout the day with your wins.
    Childrens Activities:  Enough to keep you bairns busy for hours.
    Merchants:  Welcomed please call the autocrat to let them know how many and sorry you must   
                       provide your own table.
    Feast:  Will be prepared by Lord Giovanni Monchello.  Please contact Lord Giovanni(Matt Trotta)
               with any dietary concerns at (704-735-4036)(NLT 9pm)or e-mail :  mjtrotta@tntie.com
    * Special Treat*:  During feast you'll be served by the UGLY BAR MAIDS.  Thats right they will    
                         be rude and ugly!!!!!   And you are in charge of picking the ugliest.  So bring your 
                         Extra money and change to tip these rare beauties well. The winner is choosen by 
                         collects the most money.
    COST:  Adults On Board $8.00, Off Board $4.00,  Children 12 and under $4.00.  All children 3 and
                under are guest of the Canton.  Make checks payable to: * Canton of Aire Faucon/SCA,Inc.*
    Reservations:  Please mail your reservations to Robin Jordon (Lady Una von Scheib)
                          2406 Monterry Park Drive, Gastonia, NC 28054, (704-866-9285) (NLT 9PM).
    Autocrat: Lady Asta(Jennifer Trotta), 2088 Bost St, Lincolnton, NC 28092 (704-735-4036)(NLY 9PM)
                    or e-mail  mjtrotta@tntie.com
*Site Change: Camp Loy White, near Casar, NC.  The site is absolutley bone dry.  Site opens at 9am and closes at 10pm.   * A wonderful bardic circle area available throught the day and for after feast.*
From 1-40 East and West:  Take NC Hwy 18 towards Shelby, Turn right on NC Hwy 10 towards Casar.
*(See directions below).
From 1-85 North or South:  Take US Hwy 74 towards Shelby, Turn right on NC Hwy 18, turn left on NC
Hwy 10 towards Casar, *(see directions below). 
* Then from NC Hwy 10:  Go about 8 miles, turn left onto St. Paul's Church Rd., go 2 miles turn right on Hull Rd., Go 1/2 mile, Camp Loy White is on the LEFT,  SCA signs will be posted from NC Hwy 10.