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New Email

Poster: "Magdalena de Hazebrouck" <magdalena-de-hazebrouck@home.com>

I am Betty Eyer / Lady Magdalena de Hazebrouck.

I have a new email address:

If you are wondering who I am -
I am a 40 something lady with salt and pepper, hair kind of tall and er...um
full figured.
MOAS of Caer Mear.
I taught "the dyer's garden" at last University and "building a period garb
palette" at the previous.
I occassionally armor up.....squire of Duke Bertrand.
sometimes cook.

My old email address Betty_and_David@compuserve.com will be going away in
the next month or so.  If you have added me to any address books or mailing
lists, please change to the new address soon.

See ya'


The old email address will be going away in six months or so.

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